2021 news

Below are some news while I think you should know.

the 6.3 grade earthquake weeks ago happened in the Philippines,where is one of the most important Passive Components manufacturing bases in the globe(especially MLCC) ,top 3 MLCC manufactures like MURATA ,SEMCO,Taiyo are there with factories.

While in the Philippines ,Murata productivity accounts for 18%,Samsung for 40%, and those three account for 50% in the globe.
We predict that this will have great influences to MLCC,TI,Micron ,Intel .
Except the MLCC ,land of Luzon are with many packaging and testing factories like Amkor, NXP,Intel,Texas.

We have  recently seen the overall market tightening including a substantial increase to demand across most product lines. There also continues to be constraints from sub-contractors and packing manufacturers within the electronic components industry at large. This has resulted in a number of our supply partners issuing notices for significant price and/or lead-time increases.

Given this situation, we wanted to make you aware that there will be extending lead-times and/or implementing price increases for certain products beginning on January 15, 2021.

2021 news